Surveillance Ends Here

Merging blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and state-of-the-art encryption, Promether marks the end of surveillance and brings about a new era of online privacy, security, and anonymity.

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The Need For Change

The Internet and connected devices have introduced a more interconnected society than ever before. However, in the midst of all this innovation, we have made a choice to prioritize convenience over security and put trust in companies, websites, apps, and people online, exposing us to various security and privacy threats. Additionally, the promises of blockchains and decentralization prey on people's revolutionary belief, but are often illusionary, taking our money and leaving us with the same problems that we faced yesterday. It is time for a change, and here are just a few of the issues that Promether aims to solve:

Privacy Is Fading

Companies and governments watch over us and control all of our data. Having lack of alternatives, participation requires obedience.

Too Many Inadequate Solutions

There is an abundance of inadequate and isolated projects. No all in one solutions means usage is scattered across blockchains and delivery is slow.

Security Is Difficult

Applications must implement their own security, which is costly and time consuming. Mistakes are unforgiving and often exploited.

Resources Are Wasted

Blockchains incentivize network growth, but have difficulty using system resources. Bandwidth, storage, memory, and processing are under-utilized.

Decentralized Networks Are Lacking

Decentralized networks know how to make use of system resources, but have difficulty incentivizing network growth.

The Internet Is a Scary Place

As our lives become more digitized, the risks and consequences of exposure and data hacks become greater. It is time for a solution that mitigates this risk.

Blockchains Face Issues

Blockchains solve problems that we could not before, but face scalability issues that need to be fixed for adoption and growth. Innovative solutions are now necessary.

Introducing Promether

Promether is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN). Based on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ubiquitous Computing, Promether allows anybody to create secure and anonymous networks simply by deploying and configuring a series of reusable software components. It is an open-source and component-based, reusable system that abstracts the details of the secure network from the applications that use it. Supporting centralized, decentralized, distributed, meshnet, and hybrid topologies, any application can communicate and transfer data securely.

Whether you're an individual trying to build your first application, a company who needs to develop a global service, or even a government that wishes to establish secure communications - Promether is flexible enough to adapt to everyone's specific networking demands, providing simple, reusable, and effective end-to-end security with complete variety in function.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Build modern applications with a security based, open-source API, without added responsibilities or costs of building networking and security infrastructures.

Fully Configurable Modular Network

Configurable as public, private or global network, providing users variety in how to use the network based on individual preferences and networking requirements.

Decentralized Privacy Network (VPN)

Create secure and anonymous connections to other networks, access region-restricted websites, and shield browsing activity from unwanted prying eyes.

Secure Communications and VOIP (Contact)

Communicate securely, privately, instantly and effortlessly without the threat of surveillance or the risks of private data and conversations being exposed.

Decentralized Sharing and Storage Solution

Secure and share data safely without reliance on third parties, interception by corporations and governments, exposure to hackers, or systematic failures.

Self-Sustainable Rewards-Based Ecosystem

A circulation economy where users earn tokens for offering excess capacity to the network, while acquiring other needed capacities for the earned tokens.

Scalable PoS and Hashed Graph Architectures

A blockchain based network that offers reliable scalability and performance at all times, as well as adapts to emerging technologies when needed.

Mutable and Immutable Smart Contracts

Have flexibility in how smart contracts are deployed and managed, enabling the matching of contract type with specific usage scenarios.

No Per-Usage Transaction Fees

Enable everyone access to decentralized networking and the benefits of blockchain solutions, regardless of financial status.

Supports Blockchains and Applications

Integrate with existing applications and blockchains, old or new, and benefit from advanced security protocols without added costs.

Runnable on Existing Miners and IoT Devices

Make more money from unused system resources on any device without stopping current mining or other monetization operations.

Cutting Edge End-to-end Encryption

Fortify all devices and online traffic through ensured confidentiality of data and removal of interception or exposure risks.


Coin Concept (PYRO)

Promether has a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain with utility ownership, stake incentivization, and coin-based rewards. The native coin (PYRO) will be created on the blockchain prior to the initial offering. PYRO derives value from its utility and functionality in the ecosystem and will serve to merge blockchain-based incentivization with decentralized networks and start rewarding nodes for donating unused capacities.

As Promether is a true utility, PYRO serves as digital representation of the total ownership in the network. A person who owns 1% of all the PYRO is really just a 1% owner of the total capacity of the network. Utility is defined in terms of total network capacity, where capacity is a combination of network bandwidth, hard drive space, memory, and CPU/GPU processing power.

In the minting stage of PYRO, a total of 250 million coins will be generated, with an additional 50 million coins created and held in reserve to be used only for miner incentivization over the course of 20 years. No additional coins will be generated afterwards. At ICO, 150 million total coins will be in circulation.

Core Team

Eric J Anderson "Eijah"


Eijah is the founder of Promether and has 20+ years of software development and security experience. He is also the creator of Demonsaw, an encrypted communications platform that allows you to chat, message, and transfer files without fear of data collection or surveillance. Before that Eijah was a Lead Programmer at Rockstar Games where he created many games, including Grand Theft Auto V. He has been a faculty member at multiple colleges, has spoken about security and development at DEF CON and other security conferences, and holds a master's degree in Computer Science. Eijah is an active member of the hacking community and is an avid proponent of Internet freedom.

Rishan Bhagowat

Business Manager

Rishan is the founder and managing director of the Sublime Group, an industry leading incubator based in Dubai that has been the guiding hand to 6 top 100 market cap crypto projects. He is an entrepreneur at heart that has founded, scaled and exited two successful multinational businesses. Advisor to FanLogic Interactive Inc.(TSXV:FLGC) (OTCQB:FNNGF), an angel investor in DroneClouds and RYDE Inc. and serves on boards of multiple companies which share his vision. His passion and expertise lies in leveraging technology and capital to make the world a better place.

Daniel Bainbridge

Marketing Manager

Daniel is a blockchain investor and the founder of Invest In Blockchain and Since 2014 he has been bootstrapping blockchain projects and investing in this blockchain space. He has given away over 1090 BTC (worth approximately $12 million) through the Bitcoin Aliens mobile games and bitcoin faucets. He brings marketing consulting as well as online traffic reach and PR to the Promether project.

Elton Brauer

Operations Manager

Elton is an experienced content and marketing manager with a demonstrated history of working in the blockchain space. His background in corporate research and consulting has led Elton to work as researcher and marketing advisor at Invest in Blockchain. He owns and manages a consulting agency Starlike, which specializes in operations optimization, technical content, community management, public relations, and branding. Elton is also a co-founder of an upcoming blockchain based information sourcing and tracking solution Cloaktrack.

J-F Simard "Tek"

Community Manager

J-F is a Linux and hardware specialist, blogger and an active crypto trader. He also ran a computer business for 12 years setting up entire networks for enterprises and building custom made computers for gamers. He also has years of experience in the field of telecom and obtained a telecommunication degree in the Canadian Armed Forces. Tek is a Python advocate and a bash script specialist. Online privacy and security are at the top of his agenda. He runs a crypto traders network on the Demonsaw platform and is also an avid supporter of Eric J Anderson (Eijah) and his work.

Cameron Gaertner

Software Engineer

Cameron is a C++ programmer, Internet privacy advocate, and hacker. Most recently, he was a UI/UX programmer for Demonsaw, a secure and anonymous information sharing application. Cameron has participated in several CTFs the past few years, focusing mostly on reverse engineering and vulnerability research. In his free time, he loves learning about new technologies, coding, and reading.

Seth Wahle

Hardware Engineer

Seth Wahle is a hardware engineer who was featured in Forbes and BBC in 2015 for exploiting Android phones using an implanted NFC chip. He has since developed hardware for 4k streaming, detecting enemy I.E.D.'s, and radio communications equipment for the next generation of fighter jets. Most recently, Seth took first place in the 2017 Huntsville NASA Space Apps Challenge.

Jason Bissell

Systems Engineer

Jason brings with him over 20 years of management experience in multiple I.T. sectors, with a focus on Critical Infrastructure & Security, software architecture and the design criteria of large networking systems. He has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well held consulting roles with many high-tech global entities, with a primary focus on cyber-security & defense. Familiar with DoD-Standard protocols and design logistics. He is also a member of a couple of the leading brain trusts in the early development of desktop and mobile encryption security and new technologies, with extensive knowledge of industry-specific regulations; (ITIL V3. AT101, SOX, PCI, HIPPA).


Alex Heid

Strategic Advisor

Alex Heid is co-founder & president of HackMiami, a South Florida hacking organization that hosts an annual information security conference in Miami Beach, FL. Heid is also currently an executive with SecurityScorecard, a cybersecurity firm in New York City. Previously, Heid worked within financial industry as a web application security analyst and was also a founding member of the SERT threat intelligence team at Prolexic Technologies. Heid's contributions during that period included the development and discovery DDoS neutralization and counterattack methods during the Operation Ababil campaigns of 2012 - 2013. Heid's work has been frequently cited by mainstream media, such as the feature story about HackMiami in Rolling Stone magazine entitled "The Geeks on the Front Lines."

Steven Wilkinson

Blockchain Advisor

Steven Wilkinson is a certified cryptocurrency, blockchain and information security professional. He brings more than 10 years of experience in technology leadership, IT and security consulting to Algebraix Data, Inc. While researching a solution for secure value transfer across the Internet, Steven discovered Bitcoin in early 2011 and began building multiple mining operations around it. Since then, he has been working and advising on a variety of blockchain projects and startups in this emerging ecosystem, including multiple token crowd sales. In 2013, Steven founded the Bitcoin consulting firm, Austin Bitcoin, which is one of the first BitPay merchant integration partners. He is also one of the co-founders and Vice President of the Texas Bitcoin Association which produces the Texas Bitcoin Conference. Steven holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from (ISC) and a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) certification from (C4).

Randall Johnson

Legal Advisor

Randall W. Johnson is a securities and finance attorney and a leader in international regulations affecting the blockchain industry. He is on the Board of Advisors of, one of Europe's leading blockchain project incubators, and has advised on more than 15 international blockchain token offerings. He also assisted the government of Anguilla to create its new Anguilla Utility Token Act. Mr. Johnson is Senior Counsel at Sinnott & Company, an Atlanta based securities and finance law firm and a co-founder of ArtistCap Partners, a private investment firm and consultancy. Previously, Mr. Johnson worked for several years as a partner in a leading technology law firm, and senior counsel an international law firm.

Richard Leckinger

Technical Advisor

Richard is a long time crypto enthusiast, investor and package maintainer. He has worked as a Ministerial Advisor covering energy analysis, management and behavior change, and has stood for parliament 4 times. A key driver is the belief that technology should be our servant; not our master - bringing an end to surveillance capitalism. Realizing human potential through open data, open networks and protection of privacy are top line goals.

Bryce Case

Hacker Advisor

Bryce Case, better known as YTCracker, was exposed to computers by his father and mother, learning to program BASIC from age 4, and is a computer security professional most known for his high profile defacements of various government websites in the early 2000s. Since then, he has maintained close ties with the hacker community at large, and founded the grey-hat web board Case has consulted and performed penetration testing for businesses of all sizes, and has made regular appearances in the media explaining tactics used by hackers. Currently, Case runs a "celebrity cyber bodyguard" firm known as the Faction, protecting high-profile clients from unwanted intrusions and leaks.

Alexander Reay

IoT Advisor

Alexander is a life long tech entrepreneur & pioneer in digital business models launching one of the UK's first digital publishing companies back in 1997. Alexander is passionate about disruptive technologies and new business models, with a keen interest in how Blockchain and AI can be utilised to improve humanity. As an early advocate for the merits of Blockchain and DLT, Alexander is a board director at the IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain), Ambassador of the Nordic Blockchain Association, President and founder of the Nordic IT Association, a 2x Nominated Deloitte entrepreneur of the year and a recognised top 250 global authority on IoT, Automation & Strategic Management.

Strategic Partners

Sublime Group

Business Partner

The Sublime Group is a team of global market leaders with deep relationships and extensive experience in raising capital through digital token sales. Their strength lies in their unique combination of visionary technical and financial expertise, coupled with proven growth hacking and digital marketing skills from the performance marketing industry.



Strategic Partner

Holo is a distributed cloud computing platform built on Holochain. Similar to AirBnB but for cloud hosting, users give up the spare resources, and space on their devices in exchange for Holo fuel, a new type of tokenless cryptocurrency which is tangibly asset-backed by hosting, and distributed computing on Holochain applications.

Sinnott & Company

Legal Partner

Sinnott & Company is a corporate law, project finance and advisory boutique serving domestic and international clients. Their areas of specializations include blockchain regulatory issues, securities law matters, domestic & international tax, international joint ventures, project finance and advisory, public-private partnerships, and more.



Q1 - Hephaestus
Project Setup & Branding
Team Building
Initial Seed Round

Q2 - Proioxis
Private Sale
Marketing Roadshow
Social Media Growth
Partnership Acquisitions

Q3 - Hestia
Marketing Strategy Execution
Ongoing Ecosystem Building
Contributor and Developer Incentives
Community Building

Q4 - Athene
API Beta Release
Contact Proof of Concept Teaser
Contact Integration with API
Community Developer Base Building

Q1 - Helios
Mainnet Release
Contact MVP Release
Decentralized VPN Release
Product Market Testing

Q2 - Phanes
Ongoing Development of Promether Platform, Contact, and additional dApps
Developers Incentivisation Rounds

Q3 - Ananke
Decentralized File Sharing and Storage Platform Alpha with Promether Integration



Can you give a basic explanation of Promether?

Promether is a decentralized privacy network that employs innovative blockchain solutions and enables state-of-the-art encryption protocols for everything that runs on the network. Broadly speaking, Promether is a symbiotic relationship between 3 layers - the network, applications, and users. Applications inherit privacy, anonymity and security features from the network, and then pass those benefits on to the users. Simple, reusable, and effective end-to-end security for everyone.

Why is Promether important?

By creating layers of security, anonymity, and privacy on top of a decentralized incentivized system, we can redefine how people engage online, while solving the problems associated with the centralization of control. It is also extremely important to address the issues of privacy when it comes to our activity on transparent blockchain systems. Having everyone's records and transactions revealed in a way that could be traced back to the individual merely changes the shape and form of already existing surveillance. Promether is important because it allows the user to have full control over communication and engagement mediums, as it is not enough to have privacy for transactions only (privacy coins), we also need solutions where privacy is built into our daily activities online, such as storage, sharing, messaging, browsing, etc.

Will Promether have its blockchain?

Yes, Promether will launch with its own unique feature-rich blockchain. For more information about the features and functionalities of our blockchain, please refer to the whitepaper here.

Why was Promether created?

Inadequacy breeds innovation. Promether was created to provide alternative solutions to the traditional centralized, surveillance-driven networking model, as well as to combat the scalability and privacy issues that most blockchains and decentralized networks face. Due to a variety of problems with both proposed models, we saw the need for a new solution that merges innovative blockchain technology, efficient decentralized networks, and state-of-the-art encryption protocols to provide more security, privacy, and scalability, while also giving power and control back to the users.

Who can use Promether?

Anybody and everybody. One of the core values behind Promether is enabling everyone access to free, open and secure decentralized networks and the benefits of blockchain solutions, regardless of one's societal or economic status.


Is Promether going to have an ICO?

Yes, Promether is currently planning to launch ICO after 3 rounds of private sale have been completed. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about specific dates as we progress towards ICO.

Who can participate in a private sale?

As private sale can only be lawfully executed to people who can deal with securities not registered with financial authorities (by satisfying one of the requirements regarding income, net worth, asset size, governance status or professional experience), we can currently only offer private sale participation to accredited investors. Please note that this decision is not guided by the choice to selectively restrict access to private sale rounds, but solely for regulatory reasons.

Why doesn't Promether accept residents from US, Canada and China?

Due to the regulatory guidelines in those countries, Promether can not open ICO participation to citizens of the US, Canada and China. This is not done selectively out of choice, but solely for legal and regulatory reasons.

How are we going to handle government interference?

Government interference will always be rendered ineffective when competing against innovative, evasive and subversive cutting-edge technology. The code will set us free.

What’s the maximum token supply?

The maximum coin supply is 300M PYRO, however that can decrease based on the amount of coins sold during the ICO. All unsold coins will be burned, permanently decreasing the maximum PYRO supply.

Is KYC needed?

We believe in privacy and anonymity, which is one of the primary foundational values of Promether. Therefore, no KYC is planned for ICO investors.

Token Utility/Function

PYRO has many unique characteristics that makes it inseparable from the Promether network. To do that question any justice, please find the full coin utility/function description in chapter 5 of our whitepaper. To read the whitepaper, please click here.

What happens to the tokens (if) which are left unsold?

The coins that are unsold during the ICO will be burned, permanently decreasing the total supply of PYRO.

Where do I find more details about the presale and ICO?

The best way to keep up to date with all things Promether is to join our newsletter at and become a member of our Telegram and Reddit communities.

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