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Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN)

The Promether Platform is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN). Based on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ubiquitous Computing, it allows you to create any type of network to meet your specific needs simply by deploying and configuring a series of reusable software components. Powered by a flexible and adaptive architecture centralized, decentralized, distributed, mesh-based, and hybrid network topologies are all supported.

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Full End-to-End Encryption

The Promether Platform fully implements end-to-end encryption to secure any application. This allows developers to focus on implementing application features instead of worrying about the potential security vulnerabilities of the network and communication protocol. All applications, old and new, are supported.

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Free and Open Source

The Promether Platform is completely open-source and open-infrastructure. You control the code and how the network is configured and deployed. The platform is designed to abstract away the underlying details of end-to-end network security from the applications that use it. Promether is operating system, protocol, and chipset agnostic.

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Configurable and Programmable

The Promether Platform is written in 100% POSIX compliant and modern C/C++. It's operating system, protocol, and chipset agnostic. Multiple application programming interfaces (API) are available to connect apps to the network. The network nodes are also fully programmable and support a variety of low-level, reusable services such as discovery, caching, proxying, persistence, data analysis, and packet broadcasting.

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Built with Privacy in Mind

The Promether Platform puts privacy first. Besides supporting a majority of modern cryptographic routines, the platform can subvert and evade corporate and government firewalls, proxies, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), network black boxes, and other anti-privacy techniques. With advanced options such as federation, packet chunking, protocol inversion, multicast obfuscation, and mimicking standard network protocols; the Promether Platform can meet your network needs.

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As easy as 1… 2… "Hello World!"

The Promether Platform makes it easy to secure all your applications. Whether you choose to integrate at an operating system, network proxy, or even at a raw C/C++ or Python API level; your applications will be secured. The endless options available via a modern configuration format gives you full control of your data and network. All this is possible without sacrificing any performance due to the platform's focus on speed.

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Token Incentivized Network

Unlike decentralized and persistent networks, the Promether Platform is free to use. However, token owners and those who contribute back to the overall capacity of the network are given prioritization. This ensures that anybody can use the network while minimizing leaching. To further incentivize the growth of the network, those who choose to donate capacity back to the Promether Platform will receive payment in token. It's a win-win for everybody.

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Security is Difficult

Companies are re-inventing the wheel with respect to secure data transmission. Application teams spend unnecessary time implementing and testing security code when they should be concentrating on building great applications. Security is very difficult to get right, and many of these companies make mistakes that create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

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Times Have Changed

We've moved to a social networking model for most of our online interaction with a focus on ease-of-use and convenience. The security requirements of social networks is completely different than those of past application paradigms. Do you really trust Facebook with your deepest secrets or access to your financial information?

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Hackers are Unstoppable

The biggest security flaw of all is always us. No amount of due diligence, secure development practices, or adherence to compliance and regulatory mandates will be able to stop a hacker who is motivated to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a system. Anybody who says otherwise is either lying or trying to sell us a security product.

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Companies Betray Us

Companies claim that handing over our personal data is the only way to benefit from the convenience offered by the modern Internet. So, we trust them with our personal data and in exchange they make billions hosting our data in the Cloud. When our data is hacked due to corporate negligence and incompetence, companies are not held accountable. Only we can save ourselves.

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Governments Lie to Us

Governments now collect more bulk data about their citizens than ever before. In addition, governments have manipulated companies into configuring backdoors into their systems to collect customer data. All of this is done in violation of End User License Agreements (EULA) and Terms of Service (TOS) agreements, and we, the customer, are never notified.

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Decentralized Networks are Lacking

Decentralized and persistent networks attempt to solve a huge, monolithic problem and force the end-users to buy into the whole system in order to access the underlying functionality. What we need is choice and flexibility, not limitations.

For more information about Promether, please read our whitepaper.
Our Team
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson (Eijah)
/ Founder
Eijah is the founder of Promether and brings 20+ years of software development and Security experience. He is also the creator of Demonsaw, an encrypted communications platform that allows you to chat, message, and transfer files without fear of data collection or surveillance. Before that Eijah was a Lead Programmer at Rockstar Games where he created many games, including Grand Theft Auto V. He has been a faculty member at multiple colleges, has spoken about security and development at DEF CON and other security conferences, and holds a master’s degree in Computer Science.
Cameron Wittman
Cameron Gaertner
/ Software Engineer
Cameron is a C++ programmer, Internet privacy advocate, and hacker. Most recently, he was a UI/UX programmer for Demonsaw, a secure and anonymous information sharing application. Cameron has participated in several CTFs the past few years, focusing mostly on reverse engineering and vulnerability research. In his free time, he loves learning about new technologies, coding, and reading.
Seth Wahle
Seth Whale
/ Hardware Engineer
Seth Wahle is a hardware engineer who was featured in Forbes and BBC in 2015 for exploiting Android phones using an implanted NFC chip. He has since developed hardware for 4k streaming, detecting enemy I.E.D.’s, and radio communications equipment for the next generation of fighter jets. Most recently, Seth took first place in the 2017 Huntsville NASA Space Apps Challenge.
J-F Simard
J-F Simard
/ Community Manager
J-F is a long time Linux user, PC tech and blogger as well as an active crypto trader. Online privacy and security are on top of his agenda. He also has been a long time supporter of Eric "Eijah" Anderson and his work.
Alex Heid
Alex Heid
/ Strategic Advisor
Alexander Heid is the founder of HackMiami, the premier resource in South Florida for highly skilled hackers that specialize in vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, digital forensics, and all manner of information technology and security. Heid's specialties include digital crime intelligence analysis, application security auditing, network vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and malware reversal. Much of the research he has participated in is frequently featured at national industry conferences and within mainstream media.
Richard Leckinger
Richard Leckinger (Caraka)
/ Technical Advisor
Richard is a long time crypto enthusiast, investor and package maintainer. He has worked as a Ministerial Advisor covering energy analysis, management and behavior change, and has stood for parliament 4 times. A key driver is the belief that technology should be our servant; not our master - bringing an end to surveillance capitalism. Realizing human potential through open data, open networks and protection of privacy are top line goals.
Daniel Bainbridge
Daniel Bainbridge
/ Marketing Advisor
Dan Bainbridge has a 10 year history in affiliate marketing, large scale traffic generation and email marketing. Now with 3 years in the Blockchain space again focusing on marketing and traffic, he has several large scale crypto portals; 5x bitcoin incentive mobile apps with 1.5 million installs, a new online web community with 50,000 members (Digital Artists Online) and the largest “micro” Bitcoin advertising network in the world (, displaying 1.3 billion ads impressions and generating 800k+ clicks for advertisers monthly.